Leaders in Policy.  Excellence in Education.

Mississippi First’s foundational belief is that broken public policy has historically impeded progress in Mississippi’s public education system. We must discover better ways to solve our most desperate problems in education, or we will never reach our goal of leading the nation in prosperity, innovation, and quality of life. We believe in an outside-in and an inside-out approach to realizing our policy goals—getting the average Mississippian to engage more deeply in the democratic process (outside-in), and getting public leaders to champion good policies (inside-out) are the best mechanisms for getting better educational policies adopted.

Mississippi First is dedicated to producing and providing documents and resources that will help to raise public awareness around key education reform issues in Mississippi.

Mississippi First is a non-partisan, non-profit organization specializing in education policy research and advocacy. We have had our 501c3 status since 2009 and are in good standing with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Charities Enforcement Division.