Update on education bills introduced in the Senate

With committee assignments already in place, state senators have already started dropping bills.  Several education bills have been referred to the SenateEducation Committee.  Below are two bills that are related to MSF policy goals.

Funds for Early Learning
SB 2061, introduced by Sen. Kevin E. Butler, would provide funding for the Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2007.  This fund could be used to fundcollaborative pre-K programs, which are recommended in Leaving Last in Line, MSF’s policy brief on pre-K.  In addition to this bill, Sen. Butler alsointroduced SB 2070, which would establish compulsory school attendance for Kindergartners (similar bill introduced by Sen. Briggs Hopson). We areinterested in both these bills; however, they would need some tweaks to conform with our recommendations in Leaving Last in Line.

Pre-K for Under-performing Districts
SB2115, introduced by Sen. David Jordan, would require under-performing school districts in the Delta to establish pre-Kindergarten programs.  Sen.Hopson also introduced SB 2185, which would create a “phased-in” pre-K program.

District Leadership
Sen. Jordan introduced SB 2120, which would require two years of post-secondary education for local school board members.  Also introduced wasSB 2313, a bill introduced by Senate Ed Chair Gray Tollison that would require all district superintendents to be appointed by 1/1/2016.

This is very early in the process, so you can expect to see many more bills in the coming weeks.  We’ll keep you posted.

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