House Pre-K Bill Passes!

The MS House of Representatives has passed their version of the “Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013”. The House and Senate will now have to work out the differences.

Charter Schools: How Bills Become Laws…and Zombies

As many of you know, several weeks ago, the House let its version of charter legislation (HB888) die on the calendar. SB2401, the Senate’s charter bill which was substantially similar to HB888, was defeated in the House Ed Committee last week by a vote of…

Charter School Policy Update (3/23/12)

A great deal of activity has taken place on the charter school issue here in the Magnolia State.  Below is a brief rundown of what’s been going on: Legislation HB888, the House version of the “Mississippi Public Charter School Act of 2012,” is officially dead….

The Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act

Senate Education Chair Gray Tollison has officially introduced SB 2401, the Mississippi Public Charter School Act of 2012.  Although other legislators have introduced charter legislation during this session, it is near certain that this bill will be the one that will work its way through…

2012 Legislative Session: The Senate Thus Far

Update on education bills introduced in the Senate With committee assignments already in place, state senators have already started dropping bills.  Several education bills have been referred to the SenateEducation Committee.  Below are two bills that are related to MSF policy goals. Funds for Early…

Barbour Signs Mississippi Sex Education Bill Into Law

By The Associated Press The Clarion-Ledger–March 17, 2011 Gov. Haley Barbour has signed into law a bill that requires school districts to teach some form of sex education. The bill says districts shall choose between teaching abstinence or abstinence-plus, which includes information about contraceptives and…

New Legislation Affects CHART

I am writing to inform you about a recent development that may have a significant impact on our effort to reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates in Mississippi. As many of you know, Mississippi First has recently launched the Creating Healthy and Responsible Teens (CHART) initiative….