Number of CHART Districts to Increase before Christmas

In recent weeks, every school district in our Priority 1 counties have been contacted.  Administrators have received copies of the CHART Abstinence-Plus policy, along with copies of county teen health data and fact sheets (both can be found here).  Through this advocacy work, presentations have been scheduled for school boards in the following school districts:

Western Line School District (Washington – P1) – December 8th
Hollandale School District (Washington – P1) – December 12th
Leland School District (Washington – P1) – December 12th
Durant School District (Holmes – P1) – December 13th

More presentations may be scheduled between now and the Christmas break.  We will also re-connect with school districts that have recently elected new superintendents.  Districts currently experiencing leadership transitions have been reluctant to adopt new policies before the new leaders take over in January.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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