[Updated Post, 5/24/12]

Recent news from two school districts has caused us to revise our list of CHART districts.  The Marshall County School District adopted CHART in the spring of 2011.  However, under the leadeship of a new superintendent that was elected this past fall, the district has decided to go with an abstinence-only sex education policy.  Since Marshall County is a Priority 3 county (they were P2 under 2010-11 data), this change in policy doesn’t affect our Priority 1 advocacy goal, which we met last week.

On a brighter note, the State Department of Health has been notified that the Calhoun County School District adopted the CHART policy last week.  A key advocate for the policy in this P3 district was ortez Moss, an MSF Ole Miss chapter member and native of Calhoun County.  Cortez also helped write the CHART policy as our 2010 Lott Summer Intern.

With these policy decisions, we’re holding steady with 30 school districts that have adopted the CHART policy.  Only a few more targeted districts are left, and we will post updates as those board votes take place.

Update: An administrator in the Benton County School District (P3) informed MSDH that the district has switched to an abstinence-only sex education policy.  The district adopted CHART under the leadership of a superintendent that was replaced this past fall.  Benton County was Priority 1 during our first year of advocacy (based exclusively on 2008 teen birth rates).

At the moment, 29 districts have adopted the CHART policy and plan to implement in the fall.

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