As the implementation process continues, several CHART school districts have held meetings where parents can learn more about the sex education curricula that will be taught in their middle and high schools this year. The parents in attendance have been able to review the curricula and materials, and get a head start in filling out the parent permission forms.

I have been able to attend several of these meetings, which have been well-attended in several districts.  My presentation typically consists of sharing info about the state law and the CHART policy, while also providing details about the training sessions that teachers participated in.  I also leave some time for parent questions, which have primarily focused on (1) what will be taught in the classes, and (2) what can be done at home to reinforce what’ll be taught at school.

As of last week, I have attended parent meetings in the following schools (districts in parentheses):

  • Coahoma County High School (Coahoma Co.)
  • Charleston Middle School (East Tallahatchie)
  • Manning Elementary School (Greenville)
  • Oxford High School (Oxford)
  • O’Bannon High School (Western Line)
  • Bolton-Edwards Middle School (Hinds Co.)
  • John F. Kennedy High School (Mound Bayou)
  • West Tallahatchie High School (West Tallahatchie)
  • Tunica Middle School (Tunica)
  • Charleston High School (East Tallahatchie)
  • Amanda Elzy High School (Leflore Co.)

As districts move toward completing the lessons in Draw the Line/Respect the Line and Reducing the Risk, I’m hoping to engage in a second round of district meetings.  This would give students the opportunity to share the knowledge that they learned from the curricula.  Most importantly, these meetings would give parents, educators, and concerned citizens an opportunity to develop ways to help teens remain abstinent and/or make healthier and more-responsible decisions.

Future parent meetings will be announced on our Facebook page.  Please like us if you haven’t done so already.

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