Before a packed house at the Hollandale School District Office, I spoke to board members about the CHART Abstinence-Plus policy. This was the first board presentation in Washington County, which is one of our Priority 1 counties.

The presentation was quick and went something like this: teen birth and STD rates in Washington County are alarmingly high, the district is now legally required to provide sex ed, abstinence-plus is far more effective than abstinence-only programs, and CHART is free. The words “needed”, “required”, “effective” and “free” are mainstays in CHART presentations.

Board members plan to review as many sex ed policy options as possible between now and the January board meeting. It’s possible that they will decide on a policy at that board meeting. In the coming weeks, we will continue to reach out to district administrators and board members to build support for the policy.

In the next 48 hours, I will also present CHART to the Durant (Holmes, P1), Jackson (Hinds, P2), and Leland (Washington, P1) school districts.

Stay tuned…

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