Yesterday, I presented the CHART policy to the Greenville Public School District. This is my third presentation in Washington County, a P1 county which has the highest gonorrhea infection rate in the entire state. Two other districts in the county (Western Line and Leland) have already adopted the policy.

As with most P1 counties, the health data caused some jaws to drop. It’s certain that many folks were aware of the teen pregnancy and STD problems in Washington County, but only after seeing the data does the extent of the problem set in.

The Greenville School Board was close to adopting CHART through an “emergency policy adoption”. But since we’re months away from the deadline, and the board members wanted time to carefully read the policy and answer follow-up questions, the board decided to follow their normal procedures. This will count as a first reading of the policy, with a vote taking place during the February meeting.

More to come…

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