At long last, we’re happy to announce some exciting news about the curriculum review process! Last week, MDE added two of our recommended curricula to their approved list. The two curricula, Draw the Line/Respect the Line (middle school) and Reducing the Risk (high school), are now available to districts that adopt the CHART policy. As we reported a few weeks ago, these two curricula made the minimum approval score, but weren’t added to the list because finalized copies of the curricula with corrections weren’t submitted. After meeting with the Deputy Superintendent of Education, the vendor for these two curricula was allowed to submit the copies for immediate review.

In addition to these options, other CHART-recommended curricula were submitted for MDE’s 4th round of reviews by the March 30th deadline. We will let you know if any of those curricula are added to the approved list. In the meantime, you can learn more about the approved curricula by visiting the CHART page on the MSF Website.

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