A major milestone in implementing the CHART Abstinence-Plus Policy was reached on January 31st.  That day marked the conclusion of the last 3-day teacher training that will be held this year.  At the end of that training, each teacher in our 34 CHART districts has been trained to teach Draw the Line/Respect the Line (middle school) or Reducing the Risk (high school).  Each district is moving forward with implementation, and most schools are expected to finish teaching the curriculum by the end of March.

Districts are also moving forward with parents meetings, an implementation requirement that allows parents to learn about the policy and selected curricula before allowing their students to participate in the program.  In recent weeks, parent meetings have been held at the following schools (districts in parentheses):

  • Collins Middle School (Covington County)
  • Forest Middle School (Forest Municipal)
  • Como Middle School (North Panola)
  • Cordozo Middle School (Jackson) – Scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th

As with previous meetings, turnout has been pretty good, and it’s rare to find parents that object to the policy or curriculum.  Most of their questions focus on (1) the potential impact sex ed will have on other classes, and (2) the availability of resources for parents that want to talk to their kids about sex/healthy decision-making.  Parents are assured that most districts are incorporating sex ed into health and physical education classes, with very few exceptions.  They also learn about quality parent resources, such as factnotfiction.com.

Please visit our website to learn more about the CHART policy.

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