The Coahoma Community College Board of Trustees voted last night to adopt the CHART policy for the Coahoma Agricultural High School.  “Aggie”, our 30th CHART district, joins the two other school districts in Coahoma County (P1) in adopting the abstinence-plus policy.

This adoption announcement also marks a major milestone in our advocacy campaign.  We have now reached our goal of getting 75% of our Priority 1 districts to adopt the CHART policy.  This means that the vast majority of districts in counties with the highest teen birth and STD rates will implement evidence-based sex education curricula.  These curricula, along with teacher training and technical assistance, will be provided to districts at no cost!

This is a major accomplishment that was achieved by an large team of advocates.  Mississippi First worked closely with the Mississippi State Department of Health, The Women’s Fund of Mississippi, and the Mississippi Economic Policy Center to provide information to educators and the general public.  The MSF Ole Miss Chapter also played a major role in reaching out to districts across the state.  Most importantly, there were local advocates in each CHART district that helped to get the policy adopted.  These advocates consisted of board members, administrators, nurses, teachers, as well as concerned parents and students.

While we are taking a moment to celebrate this accomplishment, this advocacy effort is far from over.  We will continue to reach out to districts in the coming days, and we hope to post additional adoption announcements.

Stay tuned.

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