Efforts Underway to Strengthen 2010 Law

In 2010, Governor Barbour signed into law one of the weakest charter school laws in the nation.  The law, which only allows for heavily-restricted “conversion charter schools,” is in need of several changes if charter schools are going to be an effective reform tool in Mississippi.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, an organization MSF has partnered with on charter school advocacy, recently created a list of recommended changes to our state law. Some of those changes include:
  • Allowing both “conversion public charter schools” and “start-up public charter schools” to open;
  • Allowing charters statewide but give preference to charter applicants in areas with low-performing schools;
  • Allowing multiple paths to approval for charter applicants;
  • Ensuring accountability for public charter schools; and
  • Providing equitable funding for public charter school students


The National Alliance will likely revise these recommendations before the start of the 2012 legislative session.  When the final list of recommendations is published, it will be added to our Charter School Resource Page.

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