Conservative Case for Common Core: David Boolos interviews Mike Petrilli about Common Core in MS

On November 7, Michael Petrilli was interviewed on WVBG Jackson detailing the Conservative Case for Common Core. Mike is the Executive Vice President at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative think-tank dedicated to advancing educational excellence.

Mike opened the interview by discussing the history of the Common Core State Standards and how they could be seen as a response to No Child Left Behind. During No Child Left Behind, the standards were lowered and assessments were made easier in order to make sure students moved through the educational system, while leaving higher performing students bored and unchallenged. Students were left unprepared for college and the workforce. The Common Core State Standards were developed to raise the bar and effectively prepare students for their future beyond the classroom.

What will parents see as the Common Core State Standards are being rolled out? The assessments will be harder because the new standards expect more from students. Parents, teachers, and school administrators need to be prepared to see a decrease in testing results. Mike discussed that a consequence of lower scores might mean needing to extend the school day or provide more time for educational instruction. Schools will have to become more innovative in order to make sure students are reaching the new higher standards.

Some in Mississippi are arguing that Mississippi should go back to the old standards; however, the old standards set the bar too low and do not prepare Mississippi students for success. “There is a reason we are at the bottom,” said interviewer David Boolos. The old Mississippi State Frameworks in Math and ELA don’t give teachers a clear and focused understanding of what students need to know at the end of each year. This is an opportunity for Mississippi to commit to higher rigorous standards that prepare students for college and career.

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