By The Associated Press 

Education Week–May 3, 2011

The Department of Justice said the federal court overseeing a desegregation case dating to the late 1960s against a Mississippi school district has not done the job of enforcing its diversity compliance.

In a motion filed Monday, the U.S. alleges that the district has failed to dismantle the vestiges of legal segregation of its schools, something it was ordered to do in 1969.

Prior to that order, schools on the west side of the railroad tracks that run through Cleveland were by law segregated white schools. More than 40 years later, the justice department says students and faculty at those schools are still disproportionately white.

Similarly, the department says, schools on the east side of the railroad tracks—originally black schools—have never been integrated. It says they remain all-black or virtually all-black. In most cases, the schools on the east side and west side are less than three miles apart.


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