Mississippi’s scores and comments from the Early Learning Challenge have been posted to the U.S. Department of Education’s website.  The department also released the rankings of scores, which provided pretty sobering news for the magnolia state.  Of the 37 applications reviewed for this competitive grant, Mississippi’s application ranked a very dissappointing 35th.  Only Hawaii and Puerto Rico earned lower scores than we did.

Click here for links to our scores, comments, and rankings.

Mississippi Application Score Sheet

Mississippi Application Reviewer Comments

Ranking of Applicant Scores

The third round of Race to the Top represents the third missed opportunity for our state.  After failing to submit an application during the 1st round, we have score third-to-last in last two rounds.  This poor performance has denied our state millions of dollars, not to mention opportunities to implement long-overdue education reforms.

When it comes to federal education funding, it appears that competitive grants are here to stay.  At some point, policymakers in Mississippi must accept this, and then get serious about being competitve.

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