Mississippi First recognized the need for educators to be engaged in education policy and have a greater voice in the standards/testing debate and in education policy decisions in general. This summer, MSF created the Educator Leadership Council to fulfill this need. We have convened experienced and knowledgeable educators in our networks to provide a platform for teacher voice, to learn about challenges and successes at the classroom level, and to provide professional learning experiences to educator-advocates. Their first task was to submit feedback on the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards to the Mississippi Department of Education. Below is their position and recommendations.

Position of the Educator Leadership Council

Adopting the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards (CCRS) has been a step in the right direction for our state. Since implementing the standards, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our students’ abilities to problem solve and think critically. As educators, we have invested tremendous time and energy into translating the standards into meaningful lessons for our kids, and we stand in full support of our state keeping the standards.

In a spirit of continuous improvement, we think that there are some revisions that can make the student expectations in the standards clearer to teachers. We are especially interested in making improvements to the standards since the Mississippi Department of Education is currently accepting public feedback about the CCRS and providing an opportunity for educators to have a voice in the standards revision process. It is important that we leverage our voices as educators to ensure that we have the best standards possible to equip our students with the tools needed to be successful in the 21st century.

To review the suggested revisions submitted to the Mississippi Department of Education, click here.

To learn more about the Educator Leadership Council, click here.

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