As we noted in our previous Update, Mississippi First worked with the Mississippi Department of Health (MDH) to submit the state’s abbreviated application for the Personal Responsibility and Education Program (PREP).  The fund, administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was created to assist states in educating youth ages 10-19 on the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, through the use of abstinence and contraception.In early October, MDH was notified that it would receive $537,218 in grant funds for FY2010.  Now, MDH must complete a “Post-Award State Plan” by February 1 to draw down its award dollars.  Many of these dollars will be sub-granted to school districts adopting the CHART model policy for the purpose of implementing comprehensive sex education programs.  Other dollars will fund MDH-provided training and technical assistance for school personnel in districts implementing a PREP sub-grant.

Mississippi First is thrilled to be an integral part of this exciting development.  We will keep you updated on the project’s progress through our Update, blog, and website.

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