Hi, Mississippi First supporters! After several false starts with our web provider, I am finally able to blog. Here are a few things I’ll be following this week:

1) HB 837: This is the sex education bill which passed the House floor on February 2. It was held up with a motion to reconsider by Rep. Holloway.  I will be following whether the bill makes it to the Senate this week. Currently, the bill is first on the Motions to Reconsider section of the House Calendar, but that does not necessarily mean that they will get to it in any given day.

2) SB 2293: This is the only charter school bill alive in the Legislature right now. It has passed the Senate Education committee but must pass the floor by Thursday, February 11, to remain alive. However, even if the bill makes it to the House there is no guarantee that the bill will remain alive.  Currently, it is 44 on the Senate Calendar.

3) HB 80: This bill would establish a pre-K task force to look at ways of establishing universal pre-K in Mississippi. The bill passed the House Education committee with a few amendments to the composition of the task force.  It is pending on the House floor.  The House floor must pass it by Thursday, February 11, for it to remain alive. Currently, it is 28 on the General section of the House Calendar.

More updates soon.


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