Many of you have probably already seen the New York Times article about a new study on effective teachers from three prominent education researchers, but I wanted to send it your way as well as a link to the actual study, including executive summary and a powerpoint from the researchers (which are far more interesting to wonks like us). And if you need further encouragement to look at the study, there’s a major part of the study that the NYT headline alone doesn’t indicate.

Here’s the gist:

  • This large-scale study settles some key controversies around the accuracy of value-added for measuring the effectiveness of teachers, including whether VA penalizes teachers who are systematically assigned lower performing students (no) and whether VA accurately measures effectiveness (yes) versus “teaching to the test” (no).
  • Highly effective teachers (as measured by value-added) have impacts beyond raising achievement, including such life outcomes as higher earnings, higher college-going rates, and lower teen pregnancy.

Happy wonking,

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