The Humphreys County School District became the 9th school district to adopt the CHART Abstinence-Plus policy.  The board adopted an abstinence-plus policy in the fall, using the sample policy provided for districts by MDE’s Office of Healthy Schools.  Last night (2/14), the board voted to rescind that policy, and replace it with the CHART policy.

The major difference between these two policies is that the CHART policy provides greater detail about the implementation of abstinence-plus sex ed.  Districts must adopt the CHART policy in order to participate in this federally-funded initiative.

Humphreys County is one of our fifteen priority 1 counties, and one of six counties that meets all five of the sexual health indicators used to determine priority status.  By adopting CHART, the district will now be able to implement evidenced-based sex ed curricula at no cost to the district.

More districts are expected to adopt the policy soon.  We’ll keep you informed.

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