For those of you that are interested in the actions of the Mississippi State Legislature, but haven’t been able to (1) spend hours at the State Capitol or (2) keep the House and Senate Web Casts open on your computer at all times, I present to you the Legislative History Project.  This amazing resource was created by the Mississippi College School of Law.

Description from the Legislative History Project website:

“The Legislative History Project provided by the Mississippi College School of Law Library is an online video archive of legislative debate in the state of Mississippi. The project provides video clips of individual bills and select resolutions as they are debated on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives and Mississippi Senate. Video clips may be found using various search methods including bill number, bill author, and bill description. Provided with each video clip is a summary of legislative action taken that day. The project also links to the Mississippi Legislature Web page where more information may be obtained regarding the individual bills and their principal author. Videos are added throughout the legislative session.”

Yes my friends, it actually exists!  Did you miss the heated debate on “that controversial bill?”  Do you want to find out if a legislator “actually said that on the House/Senate floor?”  Now you can look it up and see for yourself.

Videos have already been added for many of the bills that we’ve been tracking during this legislative session.  Links to those videos have been added to the “Legislation” section of our Charter Schools and Pre-Kindergarten Resource Pages.


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