Senate Bill 2395, the collaborative pre-K bill, received an important endorsement from Mississippi law enforcement leaders.  In yesterday’s press release, members of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids cited “the proven impact of quality early learning on later academic success, lower crime rates, and lower long-term public expenditures.”

Here’s a portion of that press release:

“Take a look at the research on kids who have had these early learning opportunities, and you’ll see a huge increase on educational success and a big decrease on crime and other costs to society,” said Biloxi Assistant Police Chief Rodney McGilvary. “Investing in early learning is the smartest thing we can do, right now, to protect the long-term interests of Mississippi taxpayers and the safety of our communities.”

“We spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to take care of Mississippi adults who are locked up in state or federal prisons, money also needs to be spent on pre-school programs that can keep our kids from ending up there,” said Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison, who issued a statement in support of the effort. “This proposal makes common sense and fiscal sense for our kids and communities alike.”

Along with their endorsement of SB 2395, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids also released Pay Now or Pay Much More Later, a report on early learning in Mississippi.  Citing several trusted early learning studies, the report promotes the impact high-quality pre-K programs can have on academic achievement, crime reduction, and taxpayer savings.

This organization has been added to the “Pre-K Advocates” section of our Pre-Kindergarten Resource Page.

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