As I mentioned in my blog post last night, the State Board of Education approved a restructuring plan for MDE yesterday.  The Public Relations Office just released a statement about it and a new organizational chart.  I have pasted the press release below, but you can see the organization chart by clicking here.



Release Date: February 19, 2010


Contact: Pete Smith, Director of Communications 601.359.1336

Mississippi Department of Education trims close to $2 million from budget

Cost saving measures include reducing staff and eliminating cell phones


Jackson, Miss. – The Mississippi Board of Education (MBE) has approved a comprehensive restructuring of the Mississippi Department of Education.  State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tom Burnham recommended to the Board an organizational structure that reduces the number of Deputy State Superintendents from five to three; Associate State Superintendents from six to four, Bureau Directors from 34 to 28 and removes one other non-state service position.

The restructuring plan includes reassignment of some staff into lower level positions within the department, along with a reduction in salaries that correspond with the positions.  A reduction of nine non-state service positions, six of which are currently occupied, is also a part of the plan. These changes will save the Department approximately $1.5 million.

In addition, other cost control measures were announced, including eliminating Department cell phones, relocating staff from leased office space to the Central High facility and reducing the number of copiers and printers, saving an additional $400,000 to $500,000.

“This effort reflects the goals of the State Board to provide a much more cost efficient and highly effective organization,” Chairman of the MBE Bill Jones said.  “While these decisions were very difficult and challenging, they reflect the reality of the current fiscal situation.  All school districts, state agencies and the private sector are facing these same difficult decisions.”

The vote taken by the Board today completes Phase I of the restructuring plan, which was initiated by Burnham as requested by the Board at the time of his appointment.  Phase II of the plan will include additional measures to further streamline the Department and gain more efficiencies.

“While these cuts are difficult and will place the Department in a challenging position of seeking greater productivity with fewer resources, we must demonstrate the highest level of fiscal leadership.  Our priority is to position this agency to better serve our children as we work together to accomplish the goals set by the State Board for K-12 education in Mississippi,” Dr. Burnham said.


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