My name is Charles Woods ( and I am a Trent Lott Institute of Public Policy intern for Mississippi First for this summer. I am a rising junior at the University of Mississippi seeking degrees in Public Policy Leadership, International Studies, and Spanish. This summer, I am working in conjunction with the Women’s Fund of Mississippi and the Mississippi Economic Policy Center, to examine the economic consequences of teen childbearing (pregnancy and births) to Mississippi. Specifically, we are determining the ‘public cost’ of teen pregnancy and births in Mississippi—the the cost to the national, state, and county governments as well as the cost to society). Before school starts, we should have economic fact sheets for every county in Mississippi as well as an in-depth issue brief about the honestly shocking burden that teen pregnancy and teen births have on our state. In a larger context, by demonstrating just how much more of an economic burden each Mississippian is saddled with when compared to other Americans, these fact sheets and the issue brief will hopefully persuade our state and local leaders of the need for school districts to adopt the CHART policy to implement abstinence-plus, medically accurate sex-education.