Gov. Bryant’s Executive Order responds to the concerns some Mississippians have regarding the Common Core State Standards by reiterating the long-standing role of the state and local districts in our public education system. Our state department of education, the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), sets academic standards and adopts tests to measure mastery of those standards. Our public schools and districts are responsible for adopting curricula and teaching strategies that will prepare students to meet or exceed those standards. MDE’s decision to replace our former math and literacy standards with the more rigorous Common Core State Standards DOES NOT alter these state and local roles in any way. Common Core was neither created nor mandated by the federal government. Nor were the assessments aligned by the Common Core. As a result, Governor Bryant’s order reinforces rather than rewrites current law and policy on public education.

Mississippi First strongly supports our state’s ongoing efforts to implement Common Core State Standards in our public schools.  To learn more about Common Core, please visit