By Daniel Cherry 

Mississippi Public Broadcasting–January 14, 2011

The Mississippi Department of Education is studying how to make some big changes to core subjects like Math and English. MPB’s Daniel Cherry reports how the changes could align Mississippi with other states.

The program called Common Core State Standards is a cooperation between 42 states to make standardized testing and curriculum more uniform. Dr. Lynn House is Deputy Superintendent with the Department of Education. She says she’s optimistic about Mississippi raising its standards in core subjects to that of other states.

“I think you’re going to see all of the states looking at what the standards say and how the assessments are going to be. And they’re all going to say from New York to Mississippi and everywhere in between, these are highly rigorous standards that we’re all going to work to meet.”

Now all states have different tests and curriculum, but when Common Core Standards are implemented it will show direct comparisons between state performance. Susan Womack is with Parents for Public Schools. She says a more rigorous curriculum will help Mississippi students.

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