Mississippi’s Statewide Advisory Committee for Race to the Top met today in Jackson to discuss MDE’s draft application.  There is a tremendous amount of work to do between now and June 1, the Round II application deadline.  A lot of the ideas presented were concepts rather than specific proposals.  At Mississippi First, we intend to release an updated version of our January 8 Race to the Top Ghost Framework, which will include our specific proposals.

Here are a few tidbits of the discussion:

  • Mississippi will adopt the Common Core Standards for K-12.
  • Mississippi will include a statewide early childhood program and an early childhood office within MDE in its application. The model for the program is not yet decided.
  • Mississippi has some legislation on the books to allow pay-for-performance; however, it has never been funded. (I am going to look for this statute.)
  • MDE received a grant to develop the infrastructure for a better longitudinal data system for K-12 and has already hired someone to oversee it at the Department.
  • Mississippi is moving to develop an evaluation system for school personnel that incorporates student achievement.

MDE has asked for feedback and ideas from Advisory Committee members up until the submission deadline.  Please send us yours so that we can incorporate them, if at all possible.


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