Today, Mississippi First launched Choose Excellence, a campaign dedicated to supporting the Common Core State Standards in Mississippi. Choose Excellence is part of CommonCoreMS, a new Mississippi First initiative which is dedicated to providing resources and information about implementing Common Core State Standards in Mississippi schools. Along with developing the CommonCoreMS website, the CommonCoreMS Initiative is working to create a list of dedicated partners who support the implementation of Common Core in Mississippi.

“In order for our students to be successful after graduation, we must prepare our students for the next step every year they are in school. By giving teachers clear college- and career-ready benchmarks, the Common Core State Standards are essential in making sure our students have access to the knowledge and skills required for the future,” stated Rachel Canter, Executive Director of Mississippi First. “We choose Common Core because we choose excellence in education.”

The CommonCoreMS website is a virtual resource where parents, educators, and individuals can access accurate information about the Common Core State Standards in Mississippi. The website includes data and resources that explain the Common Core State Standards and what the implementation of the standards means for Mississippi students. The website will be updated regularly and will include a list of those who support Common Core State Standards in Mississippi. Visitors sign onto the Choose Excellence campaign and sign up to receive updates on the work of CommonCoreMS. If you are interested in signing onto the Choose Excellencecampaign to support Common Core in Mississippi, contact CommonCoreMS at