If you’ve visited the MSF website in recent days, you probably noticed that some major changes have been made to our Pre-K page.  We originally created the page to serve as a resource in our effort to advocate for a state-funded pre-Kindergarten program.  Now that SB 2395 is the law and state-funded pre-K is a reality (brief pause for celebration at my desk…), we are now shifting our focus to providing information to the public about how our state’s collaborative pre-K program will – and should – be implemented.

By visiting our main Pre-Kindergarten page, you’ll see several new links.  We’ve divided our pre-K resources into three sections:

  • Information about the law – Information about the Early Learning Collaborative Act, along with updates about how it will be implemented by the Mississippi Department of Education.
  • Best practices – Links to national early learning benchmarks and research, including links to three states with successful collaborative pre-K programs (OK, GA, and WV).
  • Local info – Mississippi-specific news about pre-K and links to some of our state’s early learning stakeholders.

Along with these resources, our pre-K page also has links to everything we’ve published on this issue.  This includes our Leaving Last in Line issue brief on collaborative pre-K and our Title I Pre-K Report.

We will continue to update this page as new developments emerge.  We will also make major changes to our charter school and sex education pages in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for info that can be included to our issue pages, please e-mail me sanford (at) mississippifirst.org.