Over the past month, several students at Ole Miss have been getting together to discuss public policy and civic engagement.  Several months of outreach efforts resulted in an October 14th meeting of students that were interested in getting involved with MSF.  The first meeting was a brainstorming session, in which they came up with great ideas for new public policy goals, advocacy projects, and strategies to boost civic engagement on campus.  Since that first meeting, students have formed a steering committee, through which members plan future meetings of the group.In recent meetings of the Ole Miss group, students have been actively involved in policy discussions and activities.  Cody Bode talked to the group about the Board of Education meeting he went to on campus.  Cortez Moss presented the CHART model policy he created during his summer internship with MSF.  And several students have expressed interest in taking part in our advocacy efforts to get public school districts to provide comprehensive sex education through the CHART Initiative.  As this campus organizing effort continues, we will keep you informed about new developments.

In addition to the success at Ole Miss, outreach efforts are also taking place at other campuses, including Mississippi State, Jackson State, and Millsaps.  If you’re interested in taking part in these efforts, please contact Sanford Johnson at sanford@mississippifirst.org.

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