Rachel @ the Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Conference in Nashville


Last month, Executive Director Rachel Hicks attended the PIE Conference in Nashville, TN.  PIE is MSF’s favorite conference to attend, not only because the panels are informative and engaging, but because the attendees are all doing great things for kids.  What Rachel learned at the conference will be making its way into Updates and papers over the course of the year.  To read more about the PIE Network and see some of the papers that were discussed at the conference, check out their website.


Sanford @ the Independent Sector Annual Conference in Atlanta
While Rachel attended the PIE Conference in Nashville, Deputy Director Sanford Johnson was at the Independent Sector Annual Conference in Atlanta.  The Independent Sector is an organization designed to give nonprofit and philanthropic organizations a forum to connect, while sharing ideas and success stories.  While at the conference, Sanford learned from leaders of several successful organizations as they discussed issues related to raising capital in tough economic times, using technology to build capacity, and boosting community engagement.  Each of these issues have been been central to our efforts to grow MSF.  By far the greatest takeaway from the conference, besides Rep. John Lewis’s keynote address, was the confirmation of the important role the “independent sector” (nonprofits and foundations) plays in helping our public and private sectors solve our most pressing challenges.To find out more about Independent Sector and the annual conference, visit their website:

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