Mississippi First has had some great national press in Fall 2012. Below, see links to two national news pieces and one national blog post about our work promoting evidence-based, age-appropriate, and medically accurate sex education.

  1. NPR, “Teen Pregnancy Declines, but U.S. Still Lags Behind“–Executive Director Rachel Canter is interviewed on All Things Considered about Mississippi First’s work on sex ed.
  2. TIME Magazine, “Sex Education in Mississippi: Will a New Law Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates?”–Executive Director Rachel Canter and Deputy Director Sanford Johnson are both interviewed about sex ed.
  3. RH Reality Check, “Sex Education in Mississippi: Why it is Time to Celebrate Progress“–Jamie Bardwell of the Women’s Fund of Mississippi writes about the success of the CHART Initiative.

[Posted November 6, 2012]

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