Tennessee and Delaware!  That’s what EdWeek reports today on their Politics K-12 blog.  The official announcement will be at 1 P.M. Eastern/Noon Central.  When I saw Secretary Duncan on Thursday, he re-iterated that he was setting a very, very high bar.  No joke!

Now comes the hard part…competing against the 14 finalists who didn’t win in Round 2.  I am amazingly curious about the comments that reviewers are going to give to Louisiana and Florida.

Immediate commonalities that pop out at me:

  • both TN and DE had 100% of students represented in their plans and
  • both have charter school legislation
  • both are adopting Common Core and common assessments
  • both are really using data
  • both are focusing on the distribution of effective teachers
  • both have strong support from the unions (although TN is a Right to Work state)

More after the announcement today.


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