In response to a request from several governors for more time to prepare for Round 2, the U.S. Department of Education will announce Round 1 winners of Race to the Top on Monday.  The Partnership for Learning, which nicely summarized the 16 finalists, has guessed the winners will be Colorado, Delaware, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida.  My picks are Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida; I also think Delaware, North Carolina, or D.C. have a good shot.

I’ll let you know a soon as the winners are announced.  In the meantime, Mississippi has a long way to go to even make the finalists in Round 2.  Mississippi will not only need to compete with the losing Round 1 finalists who all scored over 400 points on the scoring rubric but will also need to compete with every other non-finalist Round 1 applicant who will get their detailed feedback soon.

Mississippi First is already gearing up to push hard for the best possible Round 2 application, given our current time constraints and the failure of the legislature to pass meaningful charter legislation.  We’ll start by updating the Framework we put on January 8.  Read it here.


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