As the list now stands (see below), every winner is either a failing school (4) and/or a school in a failing district (4), with the exception of Wingfield High School, which is labeled at-risk-of-failing.  There are 7 school districts represented, 3 of these are municipal districts and 4 are county districts.  3 districts under conservatorship won grants.  Districts range in size from 1500 students (Hazlehurst) to 30,000 students (Jackson).  There are approximately 5,300 students total in the SIG schools; 97.7% are black and 86.4% are living in poverty.  MSF is completing a full analysis of the SIG application process and of the winners, which should be released in late September or early October.Here is the revised list:
Hazlehurst High School (Hazlehurst School District)
Hazlehurst Middle School (Hazlehurst School District)
Wingfield High School (Jackson Public Schools)
North Panola High School (N. Panola School District)
Gentry High School (Indianola School District)
W.A. Higgins Middle School (Clarksdale School District)
Leflore County High School (Leflore Co. School District)
Port Gibson High School (Claiborne County School District)

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