The Sunflower County School district has become the 24th school district to adopt the CHART policy.  Because the district is under conservatorship, the state-appointed Conservator has the authority to adopt district policies without a board vote.  This decision took place last week.  This decision also covers students in the Drew School District.  Drew wasn’t counted in our list of districts because the state-controlled district will be consolidated into the Sunflower County School District for the 2012-13 school year.  With Indianola also adopting the policy last week,  each middle and high school in Sunflower County (P1) will implement the CHART policy this fall!

We are now five P1 districts away from reaching our CHART advocacy goal.  We are currently reaching out to remaining districts to determine their progress towards policy adoption.  It is very likely that we will reach our goal of 25 P1 districts by mid-may, and there’s a good that that we’ll exceed our goal before the end of the current school year.

More announcements should be coming soon.

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