The National Council on Teacher Quality released their highly-anticipated Teacher Prep Review yesterday.  The review evaluated the quality of over 1100 college-based teacher prep programs, and found that many fall short when it comes to preparing their graduates for success in the classroom.

Mississippi First has just published a preliminary analysis of NCTQ’s findings of elementary education programs in Mississippi.  This analysis only reports NCTQ’s findings; we will publish a longer analysis of our thoughts on the study and its implications later.  We answer three questions in the preliminary analysis:

  • Which university programs for elementary education rated best overall?
  • Which programs rated best in preparing elementary teachers to teach reading?
  • Which programs rated best in preparing elementary teachers in the mechanics of teaching (such as lesson planning and classroom management).

The preliminary analysis can be found under the new Teacher Quality section of our MSF Publications page.  Teacher quality will be a major focus of our upcoming policy work, so be on the lookout for more analyses of this important review in the coming days.