Mississippi First is dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards (MCCRS), dispelling common myths about the standards, and advocating for high-quality implementation of the standards. Through this work, we recognized the need for educators to be engaged in education policy and have a greater voice in the standards/testing debate and in education policy decisions in general. In June, we invited experienced and knowledgeable educators to join our Educator Leadership Council to provide a platform for teacher voice, to learn about challenges and successes at the classroom level, and to provide professional learning experiences to educator-advocates. This past weekend, we partnered with the Louisiana Core Advocates and the Student Achievement Partners to bring a high-quality professional learning experience to 25 teachers across the state. The educators explored the instructional shifts brought on by the MCCRS and discussed ways to leverage their voices as supporters of high standards to impact state policy decisions.

Mississippi First has also partnered with Tricia Stoll. Tricia Stoll is a teacher and founder of the Mississippi Literacy Leaders for Higher Standards, a project that will train literacy leaders to share resources for implementing the ELA standards in the MCCRS. Her goal is to initiate a collaborative group of literacy leaders throughout the state of Mississippi to inform, guide, and support one another through a series of webinars as we continue to advocate higher educational standards for Mississippi students; and create methods for continued correspondence and communication for teachers (chat room, Facebook page, website). If you are interested in her work, feel free to reach out to her by e-mail at msliteracyleaders@gmail.com or visit her new website,  http://msliteracyleadersforhigherstandards.weebly.com/.

To learn more about our Educator Leadership Council, click here.

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