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About the Survey

Mississippi First is conducting exciting new research we are conducting on the use of Title I dollars for pre-Kindergarten programs in Mississippi’s public school districts. This work could have enormous benefits for Mississippi’s school children, including the ones in your school district.

About the Title I Pre-K Project

This project is part of our larger effort to promote state-funded pre-K in Mississippi as described in our issue brief, Leaving Last in Line. Our goal is to understand and describe how public school districts are meeting the challenge of school readiness using their existing resources, particularly Title I. We believe a better understanding of current efforts within public schools will help us build a case for state pre-K dollars that will complement the ongoing work of local communities.

There are two phases to the Title I Pre-K Project.

Phase I (Complete)– Analysis of every Mississippi school district’s FY2012 Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) and Budget on file with MDE’s Office of Federal Programs. [Findings published in September a preliminary report.]

Phase II (Underway)– Direct contact with school districts to (1) verify information about each district’s pre-K activities and (2) understand the nature of each district’s pre-K activities.

The 51 school districts we identified that used Title I dollars in the 2011-2012 school year to fund pre-K activities will receive the survey in November 2012.

Project Benefits for School Districts

Here are a few of the project’s biggest benefits to school districts:

  • Identification of peer school districts who can share ideas and best practices;
  • Increased likelihood of better technical assistance from the Mississippi Department of Education and other education groups for school districts with similar programs and needs;
  • State-level, public recognition of quality and innovative practices in school districts; and
  • A clearer case for investing state dollars in pre-K in ways that will complement the existing work of communities across the state.


We Need School Districts to Help

We are asking school districts to complete the survey by Friday, November 30, 2012. We hope to have our final report done by December 31, 2012, but meeting this goal will depend on whether we get timely responses from districts.


If you have questions or would simply like to comment on this work, feel free to email me at rachel (at) We look forward to learning about your work and can’t wait to move forward with a pre-K plan for Mississippi.

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