It has come to our attention that a candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s first congressional district is using the name “Mississippi First” as part of his campaign. Mississippi First is a non-partisan, non-profit that champions transformative policy solutions ensuring educational excellence for every Mississippi child. We abide by the lobbying rules established by the IRS, and Mississippi First does not participate in elections, election campaigns, or endorsing candidates. Our work is dedicated to promoting educational policies in Mississippi through research, legislation, and advocacy. Any use of our name for campaigning or election purposes has been used without our permission.

Mississippi First has federally trademarked our name in relation to education work. As part of our responsibility to police our trademark, we will refer any improper use of our name to our legal team for action.

Mississippi First supports Mississippi’s charter school and preK policies, informs the public about Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards, and assists with implementing evidence-based sex education. For more information about the work of Mississippi First, visit or contact MacKenzie Stroh Hines at 662.743.4055.

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