In what has become the most successful week of CHART Advocacy thus far, the West Bolivar School District has increased our weekly total to four districts!  The school board adopted the policy during last night’s meeting (4/12), making WBSD the 2nd district in Bolivar County (P1) and the 17th district overall to adopt the abstinence-plus policy.

Our goal at the beginning of this advocacy campaign was to get 25 or our 33 Priority 1 school districts (75%) to adopt the policy.  With West Bolivar on board, we now have 13 Priority 1 CHART districts, in addition to one Prioirity 2 and 3 Priority 3 districts.  More districts should be voting soon, and the frequency of these announcements should only increase as we move closer to the June 30th deadline.

Stay tuned…

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