The Superintendent of the West Tallahatchie School District informed the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) that her school board adopted the CHART policy during their recent board meeting.  MSDH has been contacting Priority 1 districts in an effort to begin the implementation phase of this initiative, which is in full-swing now that two of our recommended curricula have been approved.

The West Tallahatchie School District is the first of the two districts in Tallahatchie County (P1) to adopt the CHART policy, and it’s the 16th district overall.  The district actually adopted an abstinence-only policy this past fall.  The board’s vote to reconsider their policy choice was the result of advocacy efforts from educators and health professionals from within the school district.  “West Tally” will now provide students with evidence-based sex education curricula at no cost to the district.

The 17th CHART district should be announced soon.

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