Our agenda is driven by what works—

Mississippi First is an active advocate for pre-K in the state of Mississippi and has worked hard over the years to assist with passing legislation that supports early childhood education and promotes state-funded pre-K.

MSF works charter school operators, advocates, and the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board as Mississippi implements the Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2013.

We are dedicated to ensuring the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards will be Common Core-aligned, implemented statewide.

Mississippi First released a report in 2018 to gain a better understanding of what testing looks like at the district and state-level.

Inevitably, conversations about school turnaround return to the need for a great teacher in every classroom and a great leader for every school and every district. As a result, we recently launched a new initiative dedicated to educator quality.

  • High-Quality Instructional Materials

The instructional materials teachers use in their classroom has a direct impact on student success.

We provide a variety of resources in each of our expert areas including Mississippi First publications, news articles, external reports and resources, and legislation. Resources can be reviewed and downloaded at your convenience. Mississippi First works hard to make sure our content is updated frequently in order to provide the public with the most current information about education in Mississippi.