Mississippi First believes that high-quality public charter schools should be a part of our state’s public education reform strategy. While we understand the controversy this issue has produced in Mississippi, we come to our position with a primary focus on national policy research.

National studies have clearly identified certain districts, states, and charter managers that have produced remarkable results in some of the nation’s lowest-performing areas with the least advantaged children. We want Mississippi to pull from the best practices of other states in order to build a high-quality public charter schools sector.

Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013

Prior to the Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013, the only charter schools allowed in Mississippi were public school conversions. Under the Charter Schools Act of 2013, a seven-member authorizing board will solicit and approve charter school applications for both new schools and conversions. To learn more about charter schools in Mississippi, check out our page Understanding Charter Schools.

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Charter Schools Blog Posts

SB 2161 Signed by Governor

April 14, 2016 by MacKenzie Stroh
Today, Governor Bryant signed SB 2161 into law. This bill requires charter schools meet or exceed graduation requirements set by the State Board of Education, makes teachers eligible for PERS if they work in a charter school, gives teachers 3 years to earn state certification as...

A Charter School Provided an Option When My Child Needed Something Different

April 13, 2016 by MacKenzie Stroh
A Charter School Provided an Option When My Child Needed Something Different By: Lisa Collins At the age of ten, my son began expressing his hatred for school. For years, he has struggled with academics and was regularly sent out of class for behavioral issues....

What School Choice Means to Mississippi First

February 1, 2016 by Sanford Johnson
Last week, several events were held across the country to celebrate School Choice Week, a week of events highlighting “effective educational options” for families. Mississippi First took part in a School Choice Week event, which featured speeches from elected officials, education groups, educators, and students....

Mississippi First Releases 2nd Keeping the Promise: Charter School Brief

November 6, 2015 by MacKenzie Stroh
This week, Mississippi First released the second brief in the Keeping the Promise series. The Keeping the Promise Policy Briefs give recommendations for strengthening the charter school law and ensuring its high-quality implementation. The first brief, released earlier this year, identified weaknesses in the Mississippi...