Mississippi First developed a series of toolkits to help communities launch different types of pre-K programs in Mississippi. Every toolkit is intended to stand alone, such that a person reading one toolkit will not need to refer to another to grasp all of the important information. Nonetheless, where appropriate, the toolkits each refer to relevant outside resources. Readers who are still unsure what type of program they may wish to start should consult Appendix B: Getting Started for two tools that will help a community begin its work to start or improve a pre-K program.

How to Start a State-Funded Pre-K Collaborative Program Toolkit

This toolkit focuses on starting a state-funded collaborative pre-K program. Starting a state-funded collaborative pre-K program is dependent on state funding appropriated by the legislature as well as a competitive application process managed by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).

How to Start a Title I Funded Pre-K Program Toolkit (Under Construction)

This toolkit focuses on starting a Title I pre-K program. Starting a Title I pre-K program is dependent on available Title I funding, which is managed by local school districts.

How to Start a Blended Pre-K Program (Under Construction)