At Mississippi First, we believe having high standards and meaningful testing and accountability policies are important to every child but especially vulnerable children who benefit greatly from high expectations and increased learning—not testing—time.

Our work on standards, testing, and accountability will ensure that the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards will be Common Core-aligned, implemented statewide, and coupled with reasonable testing and accountability policies.

  • Research: How much time do Mississippi students really spend taking tests? And how much time is the right amount? Mississippi First is working to answer those questions through a research project that will be published in early 2018.
  • Research: In March 2017, we released Mississippi Voices: Public Perception of Pre-K-12 Education in MississippiThe report reveals public perceptions on testing as well as perceptions of the broader public education context in Mississippi. 
  • Support: Mississippi First has always been a champion of high educational standards. We are a leading voice in support of Common Core-aligned standards. Read our statement in support of the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards.
  • Resources: In 2014, we created and collected a variety of resources on the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards and Common Core.

Common Core Blog Posts

Educator Leadership Council Standards Feedback

September 8, 2015 by MacKenzie Stroh
Mississippi First recognized the need for educators to be engaged in education policy and have a greater voice in the standards/testing debate and in education policy decisions in general. This summer, MSF created the Educator Leadership Council to fulfill this need. We have convened experienced and...

Governor Bryant Vetoes SB 2161

April 24, 2015 by MacKenzie Stroh
Yesterday, Governor Bryant vetoed Senate Bill 2161. To learn more about SB 2161, read our most recent blog post, “Senate Bill 2161: What does it mean for educational standards in Mississippi?” By the Governor vetoing the bill, the Commission will not be created, and the...

Senate Bill 2161: What does it mean for educational standards in Mississippi? [Updated]

April 6, 2015 by MacKenzie Stroh
What is next for SB 2161? Today, SB2161 is waiting to be signed by the Governor. If the Governor does not sign the bill, it will still become law because Mississippi does not have a pocket veto. The only way SB 2161 would not become...

Mississippi First Responds to Calls to Abandon Common Core

December 4, 2014 by MacKenzie Stroh
Mississippi First has been following the development of the Common Core State Standards since 2009. We advocated that the State Board of Education adopt Common Core in 2010 based on the knowledge that the standards were clearer, higher, and better than the abysmal standards Mississippi...