In 2014, Mississippi First lead a campaign to ensure that Mississippi’s educational standards remained Common Core-aligned. We created and collected a variety of resource to help teacher implement the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards in Mississippi classrooms. As past teachers, we know it is important for teachers to have the tools and resources necessary to develop curricula that will connect students with the standards and create an engaging educational environment. This is a list of resources that will assist you in explaining the new standards to parents as well as provide you additional information on using the Common Core-aligned standards in your classroom.

Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards

  • Are grade-specific learning benchmarks in math and literacy that build on each other, step-by-step, grade level to grade level.
  • Connect curriculum to skills needed in the modern workplace, such as problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
  • Create the same expectations for every student, which allows parents to understand exactly where their student stands at every grade level.
  • Are college- and career-ready standards, meaning they prepare every student for what lies beyond graduation.

The Standards

Information about the Standards

Free, aligned curricular resources

Implementation Tips and Tools