Last year, the legislature proved its commitment to early education by ensuring per-pupil pre-K funding was enough to promote quality. The legislature raised the pre-K rate from $4,300 to $5,000 per child, a difference of $700 total and $350 in state funds. Because the pandemic interrupted the session, the legislature made this change directly in the budget bill. This year, we need to finish the job to make the rate increase permanent and prevent a cut to pre-K in the middle of the pandemic.


“Raise the Rate” funds have been critical to Early Learning Collaboratives (ELCs) during this tough year. We talked with five Mississippi Early Learning Collaboratives to see exactly how “Raise the Rate” benefited their students, families, and teachers. New funds went to a number of needs, including purchasing new at-home learning materials and kits, new technology, books, additional cleaning supplies, and safe field trips! “Raise the Rate” dollars ensure access to high-quality pre-K!

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