• Future of Schools

Districts have always been tasked with building community and ensuring student safety while in the classroom. Now, the stakes are even higher as districts continue to recover from the disruption of the 2020 pandemic. An effective crisis communications plan is critical to helping districts move forward.

Major Takeaways

As districts look toward the future, they are continuing to develop strategies to reopen schools safely for students. To successfully transition to a new year, schools must have a strong communications plan.

Finding One

The pandemic reshaped school communications, forcing districts to rely more heavily on remote methods, rather than paper notices or face-to-face interactions, to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders. When used effectively, these new methods led to higher community engagement than in pre-pandemic times.

Finding Two

Where the foundational conditions
for effective communications 
existed prior to the pandemic, districts had an easier time shifting to the new reality. Districts should ensure they have developed these foundational conditions as soon as possible.

Finding Three

Effective communications in a crisis use the same basic principles as communications in ordinary times with some important shifts. Districts should be aware of these shifts in order to plan for future crises.


MacKenzie Hines

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