Keeping the Promise Briefs

The Keeping the Promise Briefs are a series of policy briefs Mississippi First wrote after the initial passage of the Mississippi Charter Schools Act to review the strengths of the law, examine its implementation in the initial years, and suggest improvements.

Public Perception of Charter Schools in Mississippi

This report, published in 2019, summarizes and explains Mississippi First’s findings from a public opinion poll commissioned by the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board.

Basic Information about Charter Schools

This one-pager, published in 2016, explains the history of charter school legislation in Mississippi starting in 1997.

This two-page document, published in 2016, explains the similarities and differences between traditional public and charter schools. The biggest similarity they are both free public schools! This document was created to help people learn what charter schools are for those interested in opening one. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the Mississippi Education Accelerator if you are interested in opening a charter school.